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Wenbao Valve is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and manufacturing of valves and food pipeline accessories, equipped with new mechanical processing equipment and modern testing procedures, as well as various CNC and other machine tools.....

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Wenbao Valve listens to customer feedback and improves our products according to their needs Please choose the following devices with different functions according to your needs. If you have any questions, please contact our consultant

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The product is mainly used in natural gas, oil, water and other media, suitable for residential heating, urban gas, petrochemicals, steel, shipbuilding, metallurgy, power plants, pressure regulating stations and other pipelines. It has been passed down for 40 years, applied in more than ten fields, and participated in serving thousands of projects

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Heating, water conservancy, gas, petroleum, chemical, steel, shipbuilding, metallurgy, power stations, pressure regulating stations, etc., Sinopec is an easy to dispatch passenger units to the grid

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